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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital
26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029

Beaver Lake Animal Hospital

26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029



So Long My Friends!

After 20 years of loving my home, business, clients, patients and staff, I am making a move to a climate I love.

I will be relocating to Florida on the 16th so it is with great emotional turmoil that I must announce the  closure of Beaver Lake Animal Hospital.   For those of you that we are actively working on your pet’s illness or condition, I will provide as much help in the transition. 

I want to help you make the transition to another practice as easy as possible.  My medical records have always been very thorough and have always been digital.  Since they are electronic/digital they are legible and most detail you told us is probably in them. They can easily be emailed, we prefer to email them directly to you but can email them to the clinic of your choice.  We are working to email them to you, it's just a process that takes time.  If you have an urgent need, please email us @ beaverlakeahmail@aol.com with the subject 'URGENT NEED'.  Please make sure any emails you send do not have pictures, links or other things that might make it end up into our SPAM filter.  We will not fax records.

The radiographs (X-Rays) we’ve taken since 2012 have been digital also.  For the most part you may already have a disc of those radiographs or you are unlikely to need them.  But if needed I will be able to transmit them to whomever.  Unless a hospital purchases my client database, I will maintain the records and radiographs for 3 years.  I will also maintain our hospital email of beaverlakeahmail@aol.com for at least 3 years.

I can still help you with food, prescriptions and supplies through our online store till the end of February.  

After February, you will be able to request items through the online store from my new place.  New Online Store  The shipping charges are similar to our online store. Items over $49 ship free with standard shipping.  Food as with our online store is if you select auto-ship is shipped free to you also.  Foods available are from Hills, Royal Canin and Purina.

I can authorize enough to get your pets through till your next recommended exam and/or blood work, etc.  

Anyone that uses an outside pharmacy should have enough refills to get you through so that is should not be an issue.

We will not be sending paper reminders for services due from today (Jan 31st) forward.  Email/text reminders will continue till the end of February and unless you have unsubscribed or did not offer an email address you will receive them.

Also to let you know, this website will be up until at least the end of February and maybe into March.  I will maintain the facebook page www.facebook.com/beaverlakeanimalhospital/ for a longer, indefinite period of time and that will be your best source for recommendations and discussions about where to transfer your service to.

I will miss you.  I've had so many great people through here it's given me great satisfaction.  My employees have experienced the same thing.  Robin, the wonderful, regrets not being able to say good-bye to you in person. She cares for you much.  She has returned to her home town in New Mexico.  She tells me she may not return to the veterinary field there since her experience here, with you, just does not compare to anywhere.



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  In-House Laboratory,
 Radiology and Ultrasound ,
 Surgical Suite,
 Dental Center,

and now offering



 Frequency Specific Low Level Laser Therapy.

 as well as our program for
 kittens and puppies.
You will also be able to find out about various
 medical and behavioral problems

We have included a page dedicated to some little advertised information about how some veterinary clinics can cut the cost of elective services. This information can help the pet owner determine what they want for their pet. 

  Consumer Guide to Elective Surgery and Procedures.

Thank you for your patronage.

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