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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital
26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029

Beaver Lake Animal Hospital

26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029



Receptionist Wage & Duty Information
     $13.00 per hour starting
Abilities should be able to do within first month.
Learning basic policies
Basic receptionist skills
            Answer phone
            Take messages
            Give direction to clinic
            Greet clients
            Confirm appointments
Learning Cornerstone
            Basic moving around
            Enter new clients/patients
            Enter weights
            Enter notes
            Perform nightly back up
            Download lab results
Software/Client interactions
Make appointments
Know how, when, why to fit into regular scheduled hours for smooth flow or drop offs 
Post invoices
Take payments – properly recording payment transactions
Status checks
Check about medication refills
            Understand when and what
            Learn how to do
Other Paperwork
            Morning reconciliation
Print status check page(s)
Prepare deposit
Basic Animal Restraint/handling
            Get weights
            Collect urine samples
            Walk pets outside
            Kennel cleaning/maintenance
            Able to hold for
                        Blood collection
            Do not lift >40# w/o assistance
                        Use proper lifting technique
                                                            $14.00 per hour when the above skills can be
                                                            completed correctly and reliably           
More software/client
            Prepare estimates
                        Get pictures in files
            Save Misc Reports
Enter into patient images
Monthly Printer Report
Client education
            Why is spay/neuter important
            Why preop bloodwork
            Why iv catheter
            Why iv fluids    
            Why pain meds
            Why keep some overnight
            See Consumer guide to elective sx
            Our vaccination protocols
            Why heartworm testing and preventative
Demonstrate/Instructions/education to clients
            Ear cleaning/care
            Dental care
            Dremeling/nail care      
Prepare lab forms
                                                            $15.00 when above skills achieved
            Client Education handouts
Obtain client authorization and payments
            Review estimates with clients
            Prepare and obtain signatures on authorization sheets
            Assist clients with financial aspects of patient care
                        Do not be judgmental
                        Understand our payment policy
                        Understand need to collect payment
                        Understand why and when to collect deposits
                        Be able to discuss how owner can obtain financing
                                    Relatives, friends, co-workers, boss, check-cashing stores, etc
Be a problem solver
            Identify possible problems
            Offer solutions
Further pay increases will vary on skills, attitude, ability to perform assistant duties and attendance.



Satisfy clients

Operate computer, solve computer problems

Schedule and confirm appointments

Answer phones

Handle money, prepare deposits and daily reconciliation

Preparing estimates and authorization forms

Counsel clients on financing recommended services

Invoice clients

Control inventory on computer, receiving, returns, etc

Recommend updating all vaccines, examinations and regular teeth cleaning

Offer comprehensive services that clients know we are a full service hospital

Assist in OTC purchases

Coordinate with assistants to ensure animals are clean and fresh before going home

Insure front of hospital is clean, orderly, fresh smelling and pleasant

Make recommendations on how to improve client service and operations

Backup Technician

Backup Kennel person (Assistant)

Collections agent

Calling clients about overdue amounts




This list is not all-inclusive.  It is understood that many situations will require the ability to multitask, and to work together to accomplish our goals.  While we are small, we will all be responsible for any of the hospitals needs.  As the hospital and staff grow, a certain amount of flexibility is needed to make this the best place a person could work and the best place for animals to come in sickness and in health.  Please provide alternative solutions to smooth out the practice rough spots.